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's going to happen in denver. remind them of the big thompson flood or any time we have blizzards. people in florida during the hurricanes. despite the effort of florida power britney and crews from all over the country to turn the power back on, people and fun were still without power for six weeks. that's not bad today. think about august, september, in d.c. your apartment, your home, your condo, your office, or ever is, no power for six weeks. i don't want to be around you guys. you'll be nuts. you'll be irritable, pain in the rear, some of you might go off the deep end, start shooting or whenever. there is a very thin line between this technologically savvy society that we have today and mother nature or man either purposely or accidentally creating a crisis where everything we take for granted is gone. i'm afraid that most of us are deadly indifferent to it. we don't like to think about it. my time in d.c. and fema has made me a pervert in respect because now when i travel i think about how i get back, something happens. at think about we were in wholefoods are someplace. i'm looking
. the court refused to hear the case in 2005 and left miller in jail. that was a big story because everybody had anticipated that the court would clarify and needed to clarify the extent to which reporters are able to protect their confidential sources. but in the miller case it was a disi ponte -- disappointing nondecision, just a refusal to take the case. the only case that the court has ever decided on this issue was another one that i worked on the losing side of, and that was back in 1972 and involved earl caldwell, a reporter for "the new york times" who covered the black panther party. and did all the times' coverage of the black panther or party. the court in the caldwell case decided that reporters had to appear before a grand jury who were investigating something about the, about the black an they are party -- panther party, and the reporters had to testify like any other citizen would have to testify. and reporters had no first amendment protection against compelled disclosure of their sources. even if that meant that the sources would dry up, not cooperate, and that would ruin a
to think for me. they don't know i'm a little brother who doesn't like it when my big brothers tell me what to do, because they aren't always responsible for their own things. i don't tell my brothers what to do with their money. i'm smarter than they think i am. they should follow the rules." i'd ask that the entire letter be printed at the completion of my speech. and i thank eric -- the presiding officer: without objection. mr. enzi: and i thank him for his sage advice. it is disappointing to be here today dreask the unite addressid states senate on a topic that we should have dealt with months ago. our country is in a financial crisis. erskine bowles, the cochairman of the deficit commission, coined the situation we face as -- quote -- "the most predictable economic crisis in history" -- end quote. and yet there is no clear path forward to deal with both the short-term need to raise the debt limit and the long-term need to get spending under control. i'm disappointed we have made this discussion about the debt ceiling instead of our ever-increasing spending. when you spend beyond your m
think forward to september 11, 2001, all of you know where you were. we were in big sky, montana, preparing a presentation to the national emergency manager. i was the general council at the time, despite from "time" magazine or other things, i came in and worked my way up the ladder at fema. and we got to c130 and flew back here. won't andrews. the next day went over. either that day or the next day win went to the pentagon. it was shortly after having walked in with the search and rescue teams. they have the dogs, if you are a dog lover, meet them. they are wonderful. aren't they? we walked in through the hole in the pentagon and came back out. i forget who it was. somebody was there to greet me to let me know. they wanted to make sure i didn't know about it. a good friend of ours had been on there. we had been with her a week o so before the attacks. all of this is real to me. most of us will go through life and we don't have the personal experience of losing relatives and friends. most of us won't go through life, unless having served, being exposed to the kind of death and d
just outlined three big concerns.riti take us through the translation of what that mightes h mean.n fo what other concerns about places that could be a test of tolerable positions, how do you prepare if quality said, it passively services. >> guest: last l week inha seattle, a case where we had two young men wanting to launch anua attack on military installations near fort lewis in seattle. they were inspired by this by ic in yemen. he was angry at the fact thathe the administration had put him on this hit list. now, the reason that these twots men were stopped is that they went to purchase weapons andeo someone was suspicious and and alerted the authorities. so one of the things l.a. at in. the book is that the future may not be a series of september 11th but a series ofie smaller scale at temps on the united states and hopefully notm successful attempts.u. it is no accident over the last couple of months and if you go on to these websites what they are supporting is the small scale by individual.ale, or indi it is a sign of the disintegration of al qaeda proper, but also a sign that
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5